Monday, January 19, 2009

One bedroom, one bath???!!!

Not anymore folks! Our one bedroom, one bath is now officially a three bedroom, two bath house! We finished the rooms last Friday and spent Saturday cleaning and bringing up the furniture. Saturday night was the first night the kids slept in them (that means they were camping for exactly two months... better than the three we quoted them) and they could not have been happier to have beds.... real beds! There is a whole new kind of grateful around here! These are photos of the unfinished loft before...

At the top of the stairs we put an organizer with big roomy drawers and hooks for the kids to hang their coats and keep their hats, gloves and that sort of thing away from the front door. Then you turn left and there is an "entrance way" area between their rooms.

This is the girls room (the east side of the room)

The bathroom is "jack and jill" style with doors from both bedrooms so they will all share. We did chose to put a vanity in the girls room as well so that as they grow older they will not have to use the shared space for hair and make-up (yeah, my boys are going to love me for that later!).

The Boys room (west side of the space).

The slider has been screwed in and barred with solid wood. We are planning to replace it all together this spring with something that scares me less but I am confident that it is secure and safe for the time being and the view is absolutely spectacular!

This concludes our tour... I hope you have enjoyed this episode of little cabin in the woods and we look forward to seeing you again soon (the master is next)!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Dinner for two...

So... after having dinner for 9 around the table last night, Ben and I are having dinner for two tonight while the kids stay with grandma and grandpa.

Mimosas served with a strawberry salad (look familiar book club? LOL). The salad has fresh strawberries, grilled chicken, feta, croutons and is topped with my "getting to be famous" strawberry mustard vinaigrette.

After dinner we will be finishing and perhaps even assembling the kids rooms! Just some last minute painting (doors) and fixture stuff to do and they will be move in ready! Look for the pics hopefully this weekend!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009


No, I don't mean that in the relaxing way! I finally found my ipod shuffle (in the bottom of a tote of BJ's stuff care of Jedi I am sure) and attempted to download a bunch of new stuff onto it. I received itunes from Miss Em for Christmas and was excited to use them... until! I don't know why I find it so stinking hard to sync an ipod but people I am telling you! Two hours of my time... and yes I finally got them on there (or I think I did... I have a shuffle, no screen ergo, no way to really know) but I am emotionally exhausted once again by my technology.

Friday, January 2, 2009


I live here.... this is what I see when I open my door and walk out on the deck (yes, the one with no railing lol).

Everybody's Doing It...

I think I am one of the last hold outs to put up "look at how much snow we have photos" but this one was pretty good so here's mine....

If you look closely you will see...

Ben's Dodge Ram... Yes, it is a full size, big truck folks!

We got another 5 inches last night which bring our current total to 51". Yes, you read that right. We have 51 inches of snow on the ground currently in Elk Wa.