Tuesday, November 10, 2009


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Monday, November 2, 2009

It doesn't grow in celephane packages...

My oldest son BJ (13)got his first deer this year. He shot it from his bedroom window on our property in Elk! I am proud to say (although I had to have it explained to me why I should be proud) that he shot it clean, with one shot and less than two inches from the heart. Then things got complicated...
By complicated I mean that gutting a deer in the dark (for the first time) and then hauling it up to the house to hang for 3 days is not as easy as one might think... if one thinks these things through beforehand... which clearly, we didn't! LOL
After 3 days hanging skinless from the tree outside my bedroom window (I spared you these shots... you can thank me later) our friend Rich came over and taught us all a fabulous class on butchering a deer... the "Frailey Way"... which we have been assured is the best way!

That's right folks... on a Costco table... on the deck... LOL
We learned a lot and honestly... it really wasn't that gross... it was kinda fun!

There's my fearless husband (aka Farmer Ben) and Rich... Student and teacher!
The end result?... Ta Da... Meat the way we are all used to seeing it... double wrapped and ready to BBQ!