Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Am I Masculine?

There's girls like Trinity and then there's... me

Ok, so I have a new friend. I don't know why but somehow that always starts a weird assessment test in my head. The kids and I were invited over and all my senses were assaulted with femininity. I had no idea you could scream "women live here" quite that loudly with decor alone but trust me... it can be done. I watched as my daughter Trinity's (pictured) little eyes lit up like a Christmas tree and even Raven seemed stunned. The more I looked around the more I could not help but ask... am I masculine? I came home and took a good look around. This is different than when I visit my 'messy disorganized' friends or my 'we make more in a month than you do in a year' friends or even my 'unafraid of color' friends... this made me feel like.... my mom! *GASP

I love my mom but it is not a secret that we refer to her decor as "hospital-esque". In other words, white on white on white with just a touch of almond appliances. I have been relieved to find sufficient evidence that a girl lives in our house too (although admittedly nearly all of said evidence is in my daughter's room) just not in floral form. I have a strong aversion to flowers... because they die and that depresses me. I have however learned to keep a number of indoor plants alive (herbs and fruit bearing so that they qualify as useful not decorative) for color. My walls are not white (but since most of them are log I cannot take a huge amount of creative responsibility there either). It seems to be in the small details that I can see I am indeed feminine... just on a smaller scale. My hair is nearly to my waist so I do get points for that (but only because it's no longer the 80's). As long as I don't look in my closet I feel pretty good about it.

Maybe I should buy a skirt?

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