Friday, July 18, 2008

Dear Diary

My husband has this T-shirt that he ordered and I didn't get the joke, so he had to explain it to me... slowly. It says, "More people have read this shirt than your blog 00000002". Once he explained it I thought "I better get me one of those". He says no one reads them and so they are like a glorified diary. I don't have any of the diaries from when I was a kid. Not because I didn't have any... because every time I found my mom reading one, I would burn it (not kidding). So, since my mother is the most computer illiterate creature on the planet, with no intention of changing that, I find myself finally safe and sound having a diary... and oh so much to say LOL.

Today was like so many others. I woke up with almost nothing on the schedule, thinking that I might get a chance to relax a bit, only to have everyone and their mother's brother's dog send me their to do lists, like unfinished files on a social workers desktop. I am literally stealing this moment for myself and trying to feel bad about it... but I just don't. So far today I have made two meals (for the kids, that I didn't have time to eat), returned carpet samples (for my husband), ordered carpet (for the house), solved a major minor banking catastrophe (for my husband), purchased a birthday present (for my sons friend), prepped dinner (for 6) and driven across town twice. People it's midday. Well the list calls and off I go. The really scary part is that I love this... all of it.


Site-Guy said...

OK, I never said that no one reads blogs. I myself have several blogs and they have a good sized following. I just liked the shirt. It was funny.

MSB said...

I am so glad that you have officially started your blog!