Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ooooo! A couples charector building project! Yippie!

For all those of you who have attempted to do a major remodel project with your spouse, you already know where I am going don't you?! LOL For those who have yet to wake up and think "let's put our relationship through the proverbial ringer today!" ... don't.

It started off innocently enough with the decision to replace the carpet in the house and turned, somehow in the last 48 hours into an event that has ranged from dirty, sweaty, and painful to back breaking, deep tissue injury from using a JACKHAMMER for HOURS! (totally true) LOL If Ben weren't my best friend, I so would have killed him!

Our house is now piles of furniture anywhere there is not carpet and anywhere there was carpet is striped bare, vacuumed and ready to rumble! For those of you who have been to our home you know that that is not actually possible to do house-wide and so that is what the upstairs looks like (which they will do tomorrow) and then tomorrow night we will put the furniture back in the upstairs, transfer the furniture from downstairs (minus the piano, don't even ask what our plan is there because we so don't have one) and eventually after putting back all the furniture, trim work and freshly painted vents and return covers we will finally have the house just the way we always wanted it... and then hopefully, it will sell! LOL Why do we do the things we do?!
Wait don't anybody answer that... I love a good mystery!

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Site-Guy said...

OK, back to defend myself again....
If you remember correctly, you were the one that was having so much fun playing with your toy (mini-jack made by BOSCH). You have only yourself to blame for your soreness and exhaustion. You are right though, it is a very good thing we are best friends. Hope your body feels better soon!