Monday, August 18, 2008

My son is a verbalist...

That was no grammatical error. I didn't mean he is verbal... he is a verbalist. For some unknown reason our smallest child (2 yr.) has decided that verbs are the words he likes the best and nouns can take a hike. Each animal is referred to with it's sound. A horse is a "neigh", a bird a "caw caw", a sword "hiya!" and so on. He refers to his shoes as "on's" and all cars (except buses) are "bye bye's". Even the people in his life are referred to by the sound they make or what they do for him. That has perhaps been the funniest of all, to see what he gets out of his relationship with you. His 6 year old sister is "why" (if you have had a six year old you get the joke). His 12 year old brother is "what" (if you have had a twelve year old you get this one too!)

In actuality, I suppose it makes sense. It has made me pay far more attention to the things that he notices because he tends to point out the obvious that we take for granted. It makes for an entertaining time trying to figure out what he means (or whom). The strangest part of it all is that the rest of his speech is developing quite normally. He will ask "can I have one... please?" or "thank you, oh, it's so yummy". All other parts of speech are being used correctly. It really is bizarre but I am not anxious for it to pass as it is pretty stinkin' cute!

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