Friday, September 12, 2008

The Whitehouse Grill

I apparently have two kinds of friends... those who have been to the Whitehouse (most of them, with me) and those who have no idea what it is... or where... or why on earth I fly out there like a homing pigeon nearly ever Friday night. So I have decided to blog the 411, give you the down low, bring ya'll up to speed, fill in the blanks, explain myself...ok, that one isn't even possible in the English language LOL!

The Whitehouse Grill is a restaurant located in Post Falls Idaho. It is owned by a wonderful Turkish man (God bless the horrible map maker who got him lost in Post Falls of all places) named Raci. He is also the head chef. The restaurant used to be in a little white house that is half a block from it's current location. That little white house is now the Oval Office Martini Bar, which Raci also owns. You can actually watch him run down the alley twice every night between them to check on the Oval Office staff. He spends most of his time in the Whitehouse however as it is his true love.

What makes this restaurant so fabulous you ask?

They are not open on Sundays(a rarity, that makes me smile). They close for the entire fourth of July weekend every year with the staff PAID because Raci feels it is so important to celebrate being an American. They close for one week a year with the staff again PAID while he travels home to visit family. If he is not there to supervise... they don't open (I should add however that although he comes to do all the prep and inspect deliveries on Mondays, he is not in the kitchen that day and sadly, you can tell). Thanks to all of these things you can count on good friendly service every time because the staff adores him. The food is top notch every time because nothing leaves that kitchen without his approval. This is the restaurant we take guest to, celebrate in, and go to to relax because we never leave disappointed. At this point there are only two things left on the menu we haven't tried and I can say that there are no bad choices. Order anything and you will leave totally happy. If you only order one thing however make sure it is the Sea Bass as I believe God actually created it just for Raci. He looked down and thought... now I will make a fish just for my little Raci and poof... Sea Bass.

So there you go... Now you know.


MSB said...

I am sad that we never ate there... I have heard rumors that you come home smelling of garlic... YUMMY!

Gorilla Bananas said...

now I will make a fish just for my little Raci and poof... Sea Bass.

I don't think God makes 'poof' noises when he creates stuff, that's too much like pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

Tam said...

Do they have good martinis?

SIte-Guy said...

The good martinis can be found at his other restaurant down the street, The Oval Office. It is a martini bar with great food and apps. A great place to stop on your way to dinner at the White House.

AmyK said...

Site Guy is right (although he should probably let me answer the questions on my blog... boundries darling) and they have literally dozens to choose from. The secret is to get there between 3-6pm during happy hour when all appetizers and martinis are $5 each. It is a great way to try out the food without breaking the bank.