Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Jedidiah!

Jedidiah had a Blue's Clues party for his big #3 and I must say it was the funnest (and cheapest) one yet!
We decorated with streamers, balloons, confetti and his pet Blue dog. Then big sister Raven colored and cut out three paw prints and even made him a Handy Dandy Notebook. Then we played Blue's Clues by putting the paw prints on three things (she helped him draw them in his notebook) while we sang all of the songs that go with the different parts of the show.

He ended up figuring out that Blue wanted to celebrate Jedi's birthday and so we had paw print cookies and opened presents. It was so fun and he just loved it. My favorite part was watching my bigger kids plan out the game for him and help him through! Trinity even played the part of Mailbox and gave him a birthday card during the song!

Here he is just chillin' out in his "thinking chair" and enjoying the spoils!



The Keevy Family said...

What fun! I remember when I met you at MOPS we were pregnant and both due around the same time. When is his actual birthday? Owen's is the 12th.

Tam said...

I think it's great that the older kids really got into it! Happy Birthday Jedi!

AmyK said...

Jedi's was the 3ed but my daughter Raven will be 11 on the 12th!

Mrs. Nikki Blockhan said...

You are such a good mom! Look at you going all out!