Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Schweitzer with little Whitehouse on the side...

We went skiing up at Schweitzer with my brother Darin and his two kids and my oldest brother Danny's daughter. Our family skied the first two days with them and it was Trinity's first year up! We had a blast!
Of course we had to stop for dinner at the Whitehouse Grill after the first day and even with reservations we didn't get seated for over an hour and a half! Raci felt so bad he kept making us appetizers while we waited (we were almost full before we started LOL)!
Ben and BJ

My crazy California brother in a t-shirt... on the mountain... LOL
My parents always said it was like raising twins 10 years apart... we do everything the same way eat, sleep, talk, laugh... it's a little crazy! I adore him!

D.J. and B.J

Lacey, Raven and Alexys


Lori said...

Hi! I live in the same city and we have some mutual friends, so I thought I'd say hello. And that I LOVE the Whitehouse. Yum. :) Do you go to MOPS at SHBC? I think maybe we've met before... Take care!

Olson Family said...

Look at your cute, fun family on holiday at Schweitzer!! All smiles and bright eyes! I love it!

(I know. This comment is waayyyy overdue... ~sigh)

Love you!!!!!!!!!!