Friday, April 24, 2009


Welcome the newest member of the Kaeding family....
Beautiful Kaeding
She was born on February 19th and we adopted her April 24th.
We brought her home and as you can see the kids have been literally beaming ever since. Each of them have been taking turns petting and walking her. You should have seen how jealous they were when she fell asleep on my lap!

She is half Black Lab and Half German Shepard. She doesn't make much noise but she proved that she knows how to do the job when she barked (the first time we had heard her do so) when a car was less than half way up the driveway! Good Girl!!!


MSB said...

she is so cute!!!

Tam said...

i can't believe you gave in! the country has really changed you -- first chickens and now a dog! I can see it now; goats, rabbits, horses? i guess it's a good thing you have a lot of kids to take car of all the animals you'll have -- LOL!

Olson Family said...

I, too, had finally "caved" a year and a half before we moved to Germany and we got a beautiful half rottweiler half husky who was the sweetest dog ever. My Israel still tears up when she tells me, "Why did we have to give Jack to another family? Why couldn't we just bring him with us? I bet he misses us and is sad all the time now." Hm. (Sounds slightly narcisstic to me, but whatever.) See... about that ranch thing?

Anyway, your puppy sure looks sweet and your children appear delighted. And this just might confirm that maybe now is not the right time for me to share your blog with my kiddos. (just kidding)

Olson Family said...

Oh! What's her name? Is it Beautiful? So cute!