Friday, June 26, 2009

Ummm... Has anyone ever seen this before?!

Remember the "giant" egg from my last post? If you don't, go look now... I'll wait.... do do do do do do do do do do do do dododododo... Ok, we broke it open this morning and although we were not sure what we would find... we did not expect this!
There was another egg inside it!!!

The egg you see in the pan is the one from inside the giant egg and then the little one was in with it.

The second egg was perfect. Good solid shell and cute little egg white and yoke! Babies makin' babies people! What?, you had to know I was gonna say that! LOL

We didn't eat them because I wasn't sure how long the other one had been there and well, better safe than sorry with food folks! We are getting double yokers about every six eggs! I am just curious, has anyone ever heard of this before?


Tam said...

bizzare! does a double yolk mean it would have been twins? hmmm...very intersting. not sure if i've ever heard of an egg inside another egg ~ only on your farm! :)

Blasé said...

What made God do something so ridiculous as that??

God and his antics. LOL

Olson Family said...

An egg within an egg? Marvelous! But then, I have to agree with Tam, "only on your farm." smile.

It's like, EXTREME egg-laying or something!