Monday, June 28, 2010

Bedroom Remodel

So the good news first... we're still married! Yeah!!! It only took us two months longer than the two weeks we planned on but it's done now and I am so happy with the finished product that I ALMOST don't remember the process... LOL. We bought this house with one bed and one bath and those are the two we just finished remodeling. As you can see we had a very nice classic 70's look going... but not quite in the retro back in fashion sort of way.

Now the bedroom wasn't so bad but at 9X10 is wasn't too big either. On top of that the wall didn't actually go all the way to the ceiling (they went under the beams so we had good ventilation... LOL)

The closet left a bit to be desired especially after the lovely accordion door broke... LOL.

Now the bathroom is clean, simple and so nice! We added a door into our room so that it doubles as a Master Bath as well as a main floor bathroom. We only extended it out a couple feet but with the slimmer cabinet it feels so much larger.

We installed a one piece shower/tub combination and it is so easy to keep clean... I love it!

So much better!

With all the windows it is so light and bright! I am looking for a nice writing desk to go under the sign between the windows. We have night tables now and I would like to have a comfy reading chair and rug in the corner by the plant... all in good time!

The view from our bed is amazing! We can see the same view we love from the deck right in our own bed every morning.

We had help from a few great friends along the way but we did most of the work ourselves. The thing I am the most proud of I think is the flooring. We had 3/4" plywood cut into 2X2' squares and stained them. Then we used a stencil to pre-drill the screw holes and used black screws so that it formed a geometrical design in the floor. We laid them alternating the grains and polyurethaned them until you can slide in your socks! The whole thing cost under $300 and it looks so beautiful!


Taylor said...

So this is the project that has engulfed Ben. Looks good!

Blair said...


Wow...the remodel looks so wonderful. You must be so happy. The bathroom is great. I love the color you chose too! And I can't believe the floors. Who knew plywood could be so fabulous?? I think I'm going to show Jonathan the photos and encourage him to consider it for our basement. I'd love to see some close-ups of the geometric pattern you described with the black screws.

In any case, so happy for you. It looks fabulous!

Tam said...

Well it's about time you had a new post!! It looks amazing! ♥