Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ode To My Daddy

There are lots of different kinds of fathers out there.  When I was growing up I thought my dad was harsh, cruel, and maybe the meanest man alive.  Now as an adult with a family of my own, I realize that my father was and is what I see as the perfect kind of man.  My dad loved me enough to let me hate him for doing what was right for me, and put me in my place.  My father taught me that I was worth more than I ever thought I was on my own.  My dad never pretended to be perfect but he has never given less than his best.  For so many years I have heard people tell me what it means to be prepared for the future and to invest well... but my father showed me.  He has always told me that he is not anxious to leave me, but knows his creator and cannot wait to see heaven.  He has always told me that everything belongs to the Lord God and that if he has been given extra, it is to be given away.  He has set an example for me so foreign to the world.  My father taught me that God has, will, and does provide for those who place their trust wholly in Him.  I LOVE my dad.  I could not have asked for, or wished for, a better earthly father.  I know you are not perfect daddy, but you are the perfect dad for me.  With my father and my mother, I have been doubly blessed. I hope that I have been half as good as a daughter, as you have been father to me.  Daddy, you make me feel like a princess and my value in your eyes, is what every girl should have.

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